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€ 49.84 EUR2

The ideal pricing plan for Start-ups and small projects.

What's included?

  • 2000 MB storage3
  • 50GB3 bandwidth
  • SSL-Certificate4
    • X   One-page sites only


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(one-time payment)2

Big company? We're happy to talk about the options with you.

What's possible?

  • Basic +8GB SSD +950GB bandwidth5
  • Premier Connectivity Access6
  • E-commerce8
  • Custom domain mailbox7
  • Custom error page(s)
  • Status page7


€ 282 EUR

Small to medium company, or just launching a huge event?

What's included?

  • 10GB storage3
  • 100GB bandwidth3
  • SSL-Certificate4
  • Multi-page sites
  • Custom domain mailbox7

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit my website?

How can I edit my website?

Your website files (not the actual site) can be viewed in the management portal.

To edit your website you would need to edit your website's code. This can be done with apllications that are pre-installed in your PC, like Notepad.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time it takes to build a website can vary significantly, depending on the complexity of the website. Usually a site with multiple pages, e-commerce, and a custom mailbox takes up to +/- 15 work-days.

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver a high-quality website that meets the client's needs, while adhering to project timelines and budget constraints. By collaborating closely with the development team and providing timely feedback, you can help expedite the website development and ensure a successful outcome.

Do you provide hosting services?

Yes, we do provide hosting services for websites developed by our team. Our hosting pack is so setup, to meet specific needs of the clients, offering reliabilitym security, and performance. By keeping your websited hosted with us, you can benefit from seamless integratin, optimized performance, and dedicated support from our team of experts.

From the date of payment, your site is being hosted with us. Your website hosting service will renew each month2.

If I cancel my subscription, can I archive my designs to keep them safe when I come back?

If you cancel your website plan, your site files will be archived, and will be stored with us for 30-days after cancellation.

As of the moment you cancel your services with us, your files will be archived, and you won't have access to them anymore, untill you re-activate your services. Your account will exist 30 more days after cancellation of the services.